Lunchbox Ideas

If your children are bored of eating the same thing day in day out, or you're not sure what makes up a healthy well balanced lunch box; Our Healthy Lunchbox ideas will give you all the inspiration you need for spicing up their lunches with a good mix of healthy ideas too.

 Aim to include each of the following in your child's lunchbox:

 1.  Carbohydrate – filling foods for energy such as sandwiches, pitta breads, wraps, pasta or rice

 2.  Fruit – fresh, dried or tinned

 3Vegetables – either in a sandwich or salad, or on its own

 4.  Dairy Product – cheese, yoghurt or milk

 5.  Protein – this can be meat, cheese, hummous, fish or eggs

 6.  Drink– water or milk